Get Real with Ralph

Episode 05

Ralph talks to director Elizabeth Schuch and cast members Kitty Fenn and Holly Stanfield about the experience of filming the indie film, The Book of Birdie on location at Kenosha’s own allegedly haunted Kemper Center. ( )

Episode 04

This weeks guests, Ryan Woods and David Mariani discuss the biggest movies of 2018 and the biggest SPORTS FAILS of 2018 as well as upcoming episodes featuring a movie filmed in Kenosha called, “The Book of Birdie”

Episode 03

Today’s guests: Joya Zamora Santarelli – Executive Director, Miss Kenosha Instagram: @joyasantarelli Twitter: @joyasantarelli David Mariani, MOST PERFORMANCE @_david_mariani… Dr. Peter Mariani…

Episode 02

Episode 02 of GET REAL WITH RALPH NUDI Today’s Guests: Adam Kavalauskis The Gratzi, Inc IG: @thegratzi Jon Principe Kenosha Tattoo Company IG: @kenoshatattooco_jon Dave Mariani MOST Performance IG: @mostperformance

Episode 01

GUESTS: Patrick E. Moran Retired Teacher, Kenosha Unified Schools Former Mayor, City of Kenosha 1988-1992 Entrepreneur and Author Patricks Book on Amazon: Patrick’s E-Mail: Kathleen May MP Consulting: Instagram: @katymay1973 David Mariani Health and Wellness Performance Consultant MOST Performance Instagram: @dmariani2